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Geo-Prime Tank

Geo-Prime Non-Pressurized System

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The Geo-Prime series is a hybrid system with a tank that may be added to a standard pressurized flow center or pump to create a non-pressurized system. In addition to its applicability in a non-pressurized system, the tank can be used as an add-on to traditional pressurized systems. In either case, the Geo-Prime ensures that the pumps receive only air-free loop fluid and provides enough additional make-up fluid to prevent call-backs associated with loop expansion during seasonal temperature changes.


The Geo-Prime Tank consists of a fluid reservoir, two bypass valves and an air-eliminating dip tube inside of a foam-insulated cabinet. The tank in¬cludes a sealing cap with integrated pressure and vacuum relief to prevent the reservoir from being over-pressurized or collapsing. The tank is mount¬ed above the suction flange of the pump to ensure a flooded volute and to provide the necessary suction head pressure for the pump.


Benefits Include:

  • HDPE construction with fused joints
  • Single pass internal air separation
  • Integrated pressure/vacuum relief in sealing cap
  • Integrated bypass valves to allow ground loop system to be flushed with industry standard flush cart
  • Utilizes Flo-Link double O-ring connections for easy installation
  • Integrated “sight glass” for fluid level monitoring without removing cap
  • Approx. 2.5 gallon fluid capacity
  • Foam insulated high impact polystyrene cabinet
  • Modular system: may be used with pressurized flow center or insulated pump.


Typical Application: Geo-Prime is installed above flow center. An insulated pump may also be used instead of a flow center when 3-way flushing valves are not needed.