Always deliver what you promise!

About Us

Geo-Flo Products Corporation was founded in 1988 out of a desire to take the geothermal loop pump industry into the future. Geo-Flo offers a large selection of loop pump modules, all designed around the industry standard Grundfos pumps and our unique family of proprietary valves.

Aside from high-quality modules, what really sets us apart is our customer service. We develop lasting relationships with our customers through our business philosophy:
Always deliver what you promise!

Shipping to customers domestic and overseas, our product line of circulating pump modules are used in residential and commercial heating and air conditioning systems. Regardless the application, you can rest assured that the equipment and service you will receive from us here at Geo-Flo Products Corporation will be timely and dependable.
1990 Geo-Flo introduces its new three-way FPT valve body with valve ports supporting full one inch flow. Designed by company founder Tom Miller, this valve body increased the reliability of loop pump modules in the marketplace. The new valve design resulted in modules being manufactured at Geo-Flo running with no leaks and less maintenance. Geo-Flo loop pump modules start gaining wider acceptance in the market and sales increase.
In 2001, we brought to the market loop pump modules utilizing our new composite front flush valves. These loop pump modules are the first to utilize a composite material and they are the only ones in the market with the double o-ring family of adaptors. The three-way, front flush valves used in these modules are also available in brass and these modules are available through our OEM distribution system.
In 2005 we introduced our new rustproof, high-impact polystyrene cabinet using our double o-ring front flush valves. This professionally designed cabinet has rounded corners and a sleek design that will be an asset not only in cost control but also appearance. These loop pump modules will be available through our OEM distribution system.